Sunday, May 17, 2009



In the 1995 general election, almarhum my former ustaz, Ustaz Ali stood for the Duyung state contituency, vying against Gan Boon Leong, a former body-builder-turned politician. The ustaz lost. He lost badly. Lost his deposit. That was the situation PAS was in then. It hadn't much improved in the general elections following that one, but it certainly took a turn for the better in the last general election.

In the next general election, BN will experience something which it had never experienced before. It will taste defeat. Election victory is something BN has become accustomed to all these years ,to such an extent that they have become complacent and abusive. The abuses that they have piled up are so mammoth that the derailment of people's trust of BN germinated and is growing and ballooning. The things which the BN fails to detect are:

People's changing perception. The perception that the BN is all perfect and all protecting umbrella for the people has been shattered. The instilled and inculcated fear for the opposition parties, especially PAS has faded and is disappearing fast. The non-Malay non-Muslim voters fear PAS no more. They have now fully eradicated the stigma implanted by UMNO/BN that PAS is hardline religious fanatics out to destroy the rights of the non Muslims. They can be deceived no more.

The non-Muslims are ready to cast their votes for PAS. BN can not outmanouver this trend by gerrymandering since it has lost the ability to amend the constitution.

The diminishing demography of UMNO's hardline voters. The number of voters that stay loyal to UMNO no-matter-what is fast dwindling. This generation is fast being replaced by the open-minded well-educated and stigma-free generation. UMNO/BN cannot print and implant political perceptions on their minds. They are smart enough and bold enough to develop their own perception of politics. Meaning, they refused to be duped into voting UMNO/BN.

Come the 13th general election. UMNO/BN will cry to its last drop of tears.

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